2019 Events

Create and Play                     $8/child                        Ages 3-5 years    10-11am

A fun time at the Carousel!  Make a craft, play with toys and ride the carousel.  A great time to bond with your child or grandchild, let them burn some energy and enjoy the carousel.  To register call 314-615-8345

Mini Ninja Challenge         $25/child                       Ages 5-12 years   9am-Noon

A child version of Ninja Warriors!  This is an all obstacle course race for kids to inspire them to keep fitness in their lives.  There will be a series of competitions based on age.  The child may participate in all challenges for their age or pick and choose the challenges they wish to compete in.  A parent or guardian will be beside the child that is competing the entire time.  All participants will receive a participant medal.  Call to register  314-615-8345

Mad Science Halloween Party   $20/child          Ages 5-12 years    June 8     1:30-2:30pm

This party will feature a host of wicked activities that are sure to captivate both the kids and kids at heart.  This eerie event will take party goers into the haunted Mad Science lab where they will learn about air pressure and attempt to help a vicious vampire into his coffin after a night of feasting.  Then Countess Meggbert falls under a witch’s spell while the children use science to figure out how to reverse the spell.  Afterward the indoor fireworks will wow the children out of their seats, and floating eyeballs will amaze everyone.  Finally, the children will experience a cemetery effect that is guaranteed to spook and thrill any audience.  Snacks and a carousel will be provided after the party.  Space is limited, so be sure to call to reserve your place 314-615-8345.

Tot Time                 Ages 2-6 years         $8/child                10:30-11:30 am

Join Aunt Peggy for an original story, craft and carousel ride! Aunt Peggy is a retired principal and professor. She has been writing children’s books since she was 9 years old. Come and have fun listening to the exciting stories, songs and interaction. To register call 314-615-8345. Cost is $8/child. Parents are free.

Mar 13                               Apr 17                           May 15

School Field Trips                                                                   Preschool -8th grade

Students will enjoy the 5 ½ minute ride on a historic carousel. They will learn about the carousel and its St Louis history as well as how the horses were made. To reserve you time and receive a discount when admission is paid for ahead of time you will need to make a reservation for 20 or more students. To reserve your time call 314-615-8345.

Christmas at the Carousel          Ages 3-8 years            $15/child           10:30-11:30am

At this party children will make a craft, play a game, have a snack, ride the carousel and meet with a special person.  Parents are encouraged to take pictures during the party and help the little ones with their craft.  Space is limited so please call early to register at 314-615-8345