2018-2019 Events

Walk with Ease                                        Adults-just beginning to exercise

A low impact self-paced program that teaches you how to safely and comfortably incorporate physical activity into everyday life.  Get increased strength, balance, walking pace, physical ability while decreasing perceived stress, pain, and fatigue!                           To register call 314-615-8345

Tues/Thurs                                $40/6 weeks                        9am-10am

May 1-Jun 7                             Jun 12-Jul 19                        July 24-Aug 30

Let’s Play Farkle ,Yahtzee, or Hand & Foot        Adults

Farkle or Farkel, is a dice game that has also been called or is similar to 1000/5000/10000. Its origins as a folk game are unknown.  Come enjoy the fun, laughter and friendly competition.  To register call 314-615-8345

Thursday                                 $2/session                           1-3pm

Sept 6                                       Oct 4                                      Nov 9

Dec 6

Mad Science Camp                                2nd-5th grade

A week of challenges!  Each day you will be given a series of challenges which must be overcome using basic materials, simple machines, tips from famous inventors, and most important of all-your-mind!  To register call 314-91-8000

Jul 23-27                                   $260/child                        9am-3pm

30 Minute Fitness                                          16 and older

Don’t have time to work out an hour or more?  Join us for the fun fitness class that is constantly changing.  Use hand weights, do a little yoga, how about some dance moves or maybe some floor exercises!  We do it all!!!  Exercising can get boring if you don’t have variety and use different muscles.

Join u for this exciting new approach to working out.  Bring your mat, water bottle,hand weights and a positive attitude.

Cost is $25/person                                       Tuesday/Thursday

Sept 4-27                              Oct 2-25                        Nov 6-29 (no class on 22nd)

Craft Fun for the Young                                                         4-6 years old

Crafts don’t always have to be for the adults! Children can do them too! Let your child ages.  join us for an hour and make something they can take home. Space is limited so sign up early.

314-615-8345. Cost: $10/child/craft

Saturday                     9-10am

Sept 15                       Unicorn Wand

Oct   13                       Decorate a Minature Pumpkin

Dec   15                      Snowman House

Tot Time                                                                                 2-5 year old

Join Aunt Peggy for an original story, craft and carousel ride! Aunt Peggy is a retire school teacher and principal. She has been writing children’s books since she was 9 years old. Come and have fun listening to the exciting stories, songs and interaction. To register call 314-615-8345. Cost is $8/child. Parents are free.

Wednesday    10:30-11:30am

Sept 19                                 Oct 17                           Nov 7                          Dec 19

Feb 20                                 Mar 20

School Field Trips                                                                   Preschool -8th grade

Students will enjoy the 5 ½ minute ride on a historic carousel. They will learn about the carousel and its St Louis history as well as how the horses were made. To reserve you time and receive a discount when admission is paid for ahead of time you will need to make a reservation for 20 or more students. To reserve your time call 314-615-8345.